Letter of President

Dear Friends,


Here you can get acquainted with our production programme and the range of the sevices we offer.

The Business co-operation with our firm will enable you to get assured of the QUALITY of our products as a basci postulate that our firm has been le by since 1993. The quality and liability are the basic aims of the "Ergon" business policy which resulted in a fine reputation among our partners.

The maintanance of the highest level of quality in the business we do is our primary business task that, together with showing the respect to all items of a contract, brings our relationship with customers to the highest level of a partnership.

Regardless the complexity of your demand as well as the volume of business, our relationship towards your needs is treated equally responsibly and professionally. Thanks to this, we are respected by many partners and our products have been built in the systems on very responsible positions.

Respecting safety, health, working and living environment protection regulations, we show our professional and social resposibility.

The employee's pemanent training makes the "Ergon" be well acquainted with technical innovations and it tries to keep its already earned reputation, a good business relationship with business partners as well as to make close relationship with future associates.

Thank you for believing in us. On the behalf of all employees of the "Ergon" and myself I thank you for believing in us and we will make our efforts to go on being a leading firm in realization of typical and specific demands for the equipment in the field of a process technique.

Hoping to satisfy your demands successfully, best wishes and every success.


Yours truly,

Zvonko Bagarić, General manager